Various Types of Signs That We Make for Our Clients

Signs are a big deal for a business. They’re like silent guides. Imagine walking into a building and being welcomed by a sign that screams “We’re glad you’re here!” – that’s the power of a good lobby sign. It tells you, “you’re in the right place.”

A great business sign has to be easy to spot and easy to read. No one wants to stand around solving a puzzle when they’re just trying to find the restroom, right? The design needs to fit in with your environment, too. A neon sign in a law office? Probably not the best choice, unless you’re Saul Goodman. But in a game store? Great choice!

And honestly, keeping things simple usually works best. A sign that’s too busy might just blend into the background, and that defeats the whole purpose.

Here are just a few of the various types of signs we create for businesses in Los Angeles: 


Office Signs

A slick office sign can make it your office look more impressive when your clients walk into your office. These are the kind that make you go, “Wow, this place means business!” From the get-go, our lobby signs pack a punch with their sleek look – they’re made from things like aluminum, steel, wood, acrylic, and more; you can even get them with lights that make them pop.


If you’re keeping things looking sharp, you’ll love our directional signs. They’re both pretty to look at and super practical, which makes sure everyone knows where to go without getting lost. And when it comes to personalizing your space? You bet we have you covered with nameplates in cool finishes that’ll make your desk or door stand out in the best way.


You want to make sure everyone feels welcome, and that’s why our ADA signs are up to code and slick enough to blend in with your office tone. And let’s chat about these custom signs that shout your brand’s story without saying a word. They’re giving your reception area a polished look and showing off your company’s heart and soul on your values wall.


Ever thought about the little signs that can make a big difference, like the ones that show off your products or services with a bit of style? That’s what we do. And let’s not forget about staying tough outside with signs that can take on Mother Nature and still look stunning. Inside, it’s about unleashing that brand spirit of yours with wall decals and banners that are just perfect for spotlighting the next big thing at your place.


And for the cherry on top, we have these awesome environmental graphics that turn any old wall or glass pane into a story about your biz. Also, our door signs come in all kinds of finishes, so they’re basically ready to match any mood or style. Safety signs are incredibly important, too.

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Interior Signs

At our workplace, we get how important it is to have signs that match your professional style and tell your brand’s story. We specialize in custom logo signs that show off your brand and sales promotions that really grab attention.


We’re here to support your dedication to being open to everyone and following the rules. Our signs for staying compliant include health notices everyone can read and options that work with ADA standards. To make getting around very easy for your customers and team, we make signs that point the way and fit perfectly with the look of your space.


It’s super important to be clear and simple when showing off your products; we can make beautiful custom menu boards to show what you offer. We also make sure your office looks impressive with door signs and nameplates that we put together just for you.


We know just the right themed signs can make your office come alive and help tell your brand’s story in a special way. Got important info like safety steps or how to line up? Our signs are clear, good-looking, and definitely up to the job.

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Exterior Signs

When you’re thinking about putting up a sign for your business, you want something that catches people’s eyes, stands strong through all kinds of weather, and shows everyone who you are.


LED signs usually work well; they’re super bright, and the lights practically last forever.


Ever seen these big, sturdy signs outside of malls or big buildings? These are monument signs, and they’re kind of a big deal. They make a great first impression and tell you that the place means business – literally. With these signs, a business is saying, “We’re here to stay.”


let’s talk about channel letters. These beautiful, lit-up letters pop out from storefronts and make sure you can spot your favorite shop from a block away. They’re also really flexible in style and design, which is awesome for giving your storefront a bit of personality.


If you want to add a touch of class, then dimensional letters are great. They have this neat 3D effect that looks fantastic when you light them up or choose parts that really stand out. It’s a really popular choice here in LA.


Speaking of shouting, billboards are the classic way of getting your message across to, well, basically everyone. They’re massive, they’re up high, and they grab your attention with big, strong visuals. Super useful for letting lots of people know about your latest product or event.


And speaking of rooftops, if you’re really looking to make a splash, skyscraper signs are the way to go. These giants are up in the clouds, showing off your brand for miles around. We’ve designed, fabricated, and installed these signs throughout Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and more.


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Window Signs

The process of picking the right sign for your shop window can be as simple as picking what shirt to wear.


Vinyl lettering is simple and sharp. Want to go strong? Opaque window decals are your graphic tees; they shout your message loud and clear. But if you prefer a subtle look, maybe a clear decal is more your style, as it blends in but still catches your eye.


Customized signs are like your people’s personal invitation to see what’s cooking or what’s new in fashion. They’re made to last – sun or rain, they’ll stick around.

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Monument Signs

Have you ever noticed these big outdoor signs that make you think, “Wow, this place means business”? These are monument signs.


There’s a bunch of materials you can use, but two stand out – stone and metal. Stone is tough; it can take whatever the weather throws at it and still look classy. Very  traditional. Metal, on the other hand, is in that cool, modern tone and, bonus, you can change the message whenever you want.


These can also glow, as you can throw lights behind them. They make sure that even when it’s late, people can still see what your brand is in. And whether these signs are down low or up high on a building, they’re designed to get your attention and look professional at the same time.

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Creative Event Signs

Event signs are super important for sharing info and showing off your brand’s style when people get together. Think of it like giving your event a face that everyone will remember! To make sure signs look great and are useful at the same time, they should be really easy to read and fit in with the event’s tone.


Event planners, designers, and businesses work together to make sure a sign looks good and does what it needs to do. And the materials you use is important – you have to think about how long they’ll last, how they look, and how much they cost. You can choose from things like metals, wood, vinyl, and more.


These signs pop up in all sorts of places, like big business shows, private parties, or even movie launches! And we’re both talking about throwing together a quick sign. There’s a lot of care that goes into them – from the first sketch to putting them up on the big day. The teams working on these signs are real pros, so everything runs smoothly.


If you’re making a sign for an event, you definitely want to work with a company like ours who get what your event stands for. And it’s also cool to think about the planet, right? So maybe go for signs made with things that’s are kinder to the environment.

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