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Welcome to the future of printing! Flatbed printing is part of the printing revolution. American Signs was an early adapter for this new technology. Flatbed printing is a process where the ink is directly applied to almost any material and instantly cured with an Ultra Violet light. Our team has almost a decade of experience in perfecting flatbed printing in Los Angeles and nationwide. As a flatbed printing company, we service all segments of business. Our specialty has been flatbed printing for special events, festival signs, and the entertainment industry. Flatbed printed signs are now becoming the norm in a wide array of business environments due to their durability and dependability. 



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What type of materials can be flatbed printed?

Flatbed printers are prized for their versatility and ability to print on a wide array of materials, both rigid and flexible. Common materials that can be used with flatbed printers include:

Acrylic: Often used for clear and vibrant prints for signs, displays, and lightboxes.

PVC: This includes various types of PVC sheets like Foamex and Sintra board, which are used for durable indoor and outdoor signage.

Metal: Sheets of aluminum and steel can be directly printed on for industrial signs or decorative purposes.

Wood: Including plywood, MDF, and other wood composites for signs, art, and custom projects.

Foam Board: Lightweight and commonly used for indoor signs and displays.

Laminates: Printing on laminates for customized architectural and interior design applications.

These are just a few examples, and the actual range of compatible materials can extend beyond these, depending on the specific capabilities of the flatbed printer and the type of inks it uses. It’s important to note that different flatbed printers may have different compatibilities and may require specific preparation or treatment of materials to ensure quality printing results.

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Why choose flatbed printed signs ?


Flatbed printed signs are a popular choice for a variety of applications due to several compelling advantages they offer:

Versatility: Flatbed printers can print directly onto a wide range of materials of different sizes, textures, and compositions, allowing for diverse applications from indoor signage to outdoor displays.

Quality and Detail: They are capable of producing high-resolution prints with vibrant colors and sharp details, which is essential for creating high-impact and visually appealing signs.

Efficiency: Since they can print directly onto materials, there’s no need for additional steps like mounting or laminating printed vinyl, which speeds up the production process.

Durability: Flatbed printed signs often use UV-curable inks that are durable and resistant to fading from exposure to sunlight and weather, making them suitable for long-term outdoor use. They are also scratch resistant

Cost-Effectiveness: For small to large-sized print runs, flatbed printing can be more economical because it eliminates the need for printing in multiple steps and reduces material waste.

Eco-Friendly Options: UV inks used in flatbed printing are generally more environmentally friendly than solvent inks, as they do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Customization: Each sign can be uniquely customized which is ideal for tailored advertising, branding, and promotional efforts.

Single-Piece Production: Flatbed printers can produce signs one piece at a time, making them perfect for custom orders and on-demand printing.

Space Saving: Unlike roll-to-roll printing, flatbed printing doesn’t require the material to be rolled or unrolled, which saves space and makes it easier to handle large, rigid substrates.

These factors make flatbed printed signs highly attractive for businesses that require quick turnaround times, custom designs, or have specific requirements for durability and material use.


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