Recent Projects

Business Wall Sign

Our team recently installed this 1″ thick PVC sign that was CNC routed right in our shop. We handled all aspects of this project from Landlord approval, sign design, site survey and measurements, sign scaling and placement, sign elevations to sign installation. PVC signs are a favorite choice in sign materials. PVC signs are lightweight, outdoor sign quality and provide depth to the business sign in a budget friendly material. For business signs in Los Angeles, we have been using this material for over a decade. PVC signs are versatile and also a great choice for interior branding and office signs.

Yet another beautiful new business sign. This one was made using CNC routed 1″ PVC. The technique used after routing these sign logo and sign letters is a UV flatbed print on top. This leaves the sides white and puts a full color coat of UV coated print on the faces. This is a good choice for business signs that get full day sun. Also, the depth of the letters blends with the surrounding wall and gives a pleasant dimensional appearance.