Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet cutting is a machine process by which we take sheets of hard materials, cut precision shapes and letters using an ultra-fine concentrated jet of water. The water has an fine aggregate in it that enables this process. This process is the most accurate cutting process available and we utilize it for making letters and special project pieces that require the finest precision. Waterjet cutting is mainly used in industries like aerospace, large manufacturing and scientific applications. 



Waterjet machine cutting services  Los Angeles

What type of materials can be waterjet cut?

As sign makers, we typically apply it to cutting thick sheets of material that require fine detail that a CNC machine wouldn’t achieve. Here are a few of the materials that we choose to waterjet cut:

Stainless steel: Give the density of stainless steel letter or signs in any thickness, waterjet cutting is the best choice

Brass: One of our most high-end types of signage is brass letters. For our high-end clientelle this is the process we use

Aluminum: Sheets of aluminum are a great choice for waterjet cutting. From very thin sheets to thick sheets they make for a great sign substrate.

Stone: Ocassionally we are asked to make specialty signage from different types of stone material and this is the only option to use

Glass: Given the fragilty of glass the only option for cutting it would be waterjet cutting

Laminates: There are hundreds of different types of laminate substrates available these days for a variety of effects and environments.


waterjet cut brass letters

What type of signs require waterjet cutting ?

Here are some applications of Waterjet Cutting in Sign Making:

  • Outdoor Signs: Durability and resistance to weather conditions are crucial for outdoor signs. Waterjet cutting can produce robust and weather-resistant signs from a variety of materials suited for outdoor environments.

  • Office Signs: Often customers are looking for “heritage” signs that can last for decades. These are made from metals that not only stand the test of time, but also are perpetually reuseable over the years. 
  • Architectural and Directional Signage: Precision cutting is essential for the fabrication of architectural signage and detailed directional signs used in corporate environments, hospitals, campuses, and more.

  • Decorative and Themed Signs: Waterjet cutting is ideal for creating decorative elements for thematic signs, such as those used in restaurants, theme parks, and retail spaces.

  • Illuminated Signs: The process can cut through thick materials used in the fabrication of illuminated signs, where pieces must fit precisely to accommodate lighting components.

  • Monument Signs: Often made from stone or heavy metals, monument signs benefit from the waterjet’s ability to handle heavy and thick materials.

Waterjet cutting provides sign makers with a powerful tool for producing high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing signs. Its ability to work with multiple materials and produce intricate cuts without damaging the material makes it a preferred choice for many sign-making projects. Whether for commercial, industrial, or decorative applications, waterjet cutting offers a combination of precision, versatility, and efficiency.

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