Grand Format Printing Services


At American Signs, we have the most versatile and quickest turnaround times in large-format printing and grand-format printing. With over 20 years of innovating through large printing projects, our team specializes in producing large high-quality prints on an array of materials. It’s surprising how much this technology has matured over the years and become affordable. Talk to one of our specialists about how you can use grand format printing! 




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What types of Grand Format Printing materials?

Common materials used for grand format printing:

Vinyl: Durable and versatile, vinyl is commonly used for banners, billboards, and outdoor signage. It can be weather-resistant and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mesh Vinyl: A perforated vinyl material that allows wind to pass through, making it ideal for large outdoor banners and building wraps.

Fabric: Various fabrics can be used, including polyester, canvas, and other textiles, often for flags, backdrops, Step and Repeat banners and stage backdrops. 

Paper: Heavy-duty paper is used for posters, photography, indoor signs and wheat-past signs. 

Polyethylene (PE): Often used for large outdoor billboards and banners, PE is a lightweight and recyclable option.

Wallpaper: Custom wallpaper for full-room graphics or large feature walls.

Backlit Film: Used for lightbox graphics that need to be illuminated from behind.

Window Cling: A static or adhesive film used for window graphics and decals. window cling signs are a great way to install graphics on the inside of your business. 



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